Greetings to all fellow seekers of healing and self-discovery,

For spiritual seekers, the quest for a deeper understanding of life's purpose often takes center stage. Rather than focusing on achievement, we choose to find our soul’s mission and serve our communities with love and compassion. This journey not only brings happiness but also a profound sense of fulfillment. However, in our dedication to these higher callings, we sometimes forget the crucial role of self-care in maintaining the delicate balance between our mission and personal well-being.

Self-care is the guiding star that helps us navigate this path, enabling us to harmonize our spiritual mission with our own physical, emotional, and energetic needs. It reminds us that, even as we strive to serve and make a difference in the world, we must also make time for ourselves, nurturing our inner world and finding respite from our daily responsibilities.

The practice of self-care calls us to create those sacred moments when we can simply be, enjoy life's simple pleasures and bask in the love and support of our loved ones. In these moments we rediscover our humanity; finding solace and rejuvenation through the nurturing bonds of family and friends. Our connection with nature also becomes a spiritual practice in itself, offering us a sanctuary to rest, rejuvenate, and reconnect with the energy of the Earth.

For those engaged in roles that involve helping others on their spiritual journeys, such as therapists, spiritual guides, or healers, self-care is even more important. These vocations expose us to the stories, traumas, and emotions of those we serve. To hold space for their growth and healing, we must first tend to our own well-being, as an act of deep spiritual service.

In my personal journey, I have discovered various pathways to self-care, each offering a unique avenue to spiritual well-being. The embrace of nature, whether in a meditative walk, a grounding run, or the flowing movements of Qigong and yoga, connects me with the spiritual essence of the world around me. I have also experienced the profound healing power of massage, intimate moments and heart-toheart conversations with my beloveds. All of these ways of connection to nature and others have been invaluable in nurturing my spiritual and emotional health.

The transition from 'therapist mode' to 'me mode' is a vital component of self-care. It involves shedding the professional persona and embracing vulnerability. It is a path toward authentic self-expression, allowing us to share not only the pain and growth of those we serve but also our own experiences, emotions, and love. This openness deepens the connections we make and further enriches our spiritual journey.

In conclusion, the spiritual path revolves around the discovery of one's life mission and service to others, rather than focusing on personal achievement. However, in our dedication to these higher callings, we must not overlook the importance of self-care. By honoring our need for rest, reflection, and nurturing, we maintain the delicate equilibrium between our spiritual mission and our personal well-being. Self-care becomes a sacred journey in itself, enriching both our spiritual purpose and the lives of those we touch with love and compassion. It is the art of finding harmony in the dance between our calling and our inner world, a profound and fulfilling journey of service and self-discovery.

With heartfelt compassion and dedication, Nisarga Eryk Dobosz - BBTRS, BCST, CI , MER, LOMI.