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Holistic approach and certified therapy courses for beginners and professionals. Learn more about massage therapy, breath work and meditation. Body, mind and spirit—we view all three aspects as vital to our health. When individuals achieve balance in the three, they can reach a higher level of wellbeing.

Lomi Lomi Nui massage (Hawaiian style bodywork)

MER massage (Myofascial Energetic Release)

BBTRS (Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release System)

Our courses are not limited only to those wanting to become holistic practitioners but everyone invested in personal healing, growth and transformation. What sets our learning program apart is our focus on mediation as an integrative tool to support personal growth and learning process. Body Awareness Institute is certified and associated with European Institute Of Body Oriented Healing Arts and American Association of Drugless Practitioners, which gives public recognition to educational institutions that meet highest standards of quality.

Holistic health knowledge is exploding to the forefront as people look for a natural approach to resolve their chronic pain and stress issues. It is our goal to position you as leaders in the field of massage and breath therapy.




5 days training was amazing experience. I had not much experience with massage and I had no idea, that giving massage can give such a good feeling. I was surprised, I felt so much love to the body, I was giving massage. Before this training I had no idea, what is Lomi Lomi Nui massage. And I am sure, if I had known, my demons would not have let me to participate in this training.

The way you were sharing your knowledge with us, was wonderful. In this was so much love, strength, gentleness and peace. It was amazing to feel the room full of love, which we all together created with your leadership. I still feel softness and flowing in me. I am really grateful for this experience.


Thank you for the wonderful training! On Monday I felt so light and fresh. What a great way to start the week. I have wanted to learn Lomi Lomi for many years. Now I know the basics. Giving this massage is like dancing with the client.

I also wanted to learn more how to use my forearms while massaging. I used them before as well but now I do it much more fluently. I already have used the knowledge two days my work while doing the classical or sports massage. So I got what I was looking for and I got much more. It was very nice to include the songs and prayers to the training and the back round of the culture. I wish I would have known this two years ago while visiting Hawaii.

The most important experience during the training was probably the confidence what I felt while giving Lomi Lomi massage. This massage suits me. I also liked to get massage from two persons. It was great!




I have suffered nearly 30 years from anxiety disorder and depression. After a long journey through different therapies that only partially have helped me. Biodynamic Breath & Trauma Release brought me the real breakthrough. I was finally able to clean up very deep suppressed pain from childhood trauma. Now I have again a full experience of my true Self and really feel the power to fullfil my mission on this planet. Because BBTRS was so helpful for me, I feel the need to offer it in my turn to the people around me. I get amazing results in sessions with people suffering from depression, sadness, anxiety, child abuse trauma, lack of energy and chronic fatigue syndrome, perfectionism, excessive need to control and other mental disorders. At the same time this work has made me humble and compassionate for human suffering. I became in some way an instrument of Love. Thank you so much for teaching this amazing approach to real emotional freedom!

Jan Mouton



I have had the great blessing of receiving 9 sessions of Myofascial Energetic Release from Nisarga. These sessions have had a tremendous positive transformational effect on my body. My posture is better, and my life-long neck stiffness has relaxed. Like a marvellous sculptor, he has brought out the best in my physical body, with his strong, sensitive hands and highly skilled understanding and knowledge of the Myofascia and the whole human form. When it is your time for a physical tune up, give yourself the gift of working with Nisarga. He has a wonderful loving presence as he does bodywork and is very knowledgeable about body structures and know how to invite the best possible alignment through his gentle, deep and transformative touch. His hands are very sensitive, and he seems to intuitively know the exact amount of pressure needed while ironing out myofascia. I consider him to be a premier bodyworker and will definitely have many more sessions with him.

Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita, Tantra Essence

I would like to share my experience I had with Nisarga receiving myofascial energetic release sessions. My feet had experienced severe burning on the bottom pads for several months and in Poona, India I went to a neurologist at the hospital who did nerve reflection tests and an MRI on my spine finding nothing that was causing the burning. I had 18 acupuncture sessions. NO change. A friend in Poona who does body work told me to get deep tissue massage done in Goa and I called Nisarga who in 2 sessions not only helped me relieve the burning but also opened my hips and tight legs. Now back in Brazil I am dancing and thankful that I found Nisarga to work on me.

Vibhavan, Osho International

I’m very honoured to be Your student. A very happy and thankful student who can learn from such open-hearted Teacher, how through the right touch, holding space and creating right energy is best healing in all levels. Your high and pure vibration has changed so many lives, including mine and there are not enough words what we experience in these 5 days. All my blessings to all of Your ideas and I will be very happy to be your assistant in the future :) My big and warm hugs, what are full of gratitude and peace!


I want to share my joy and happiness! I was visiting my parents. My father (78 years old) suffers from neck and back pain. Unfortunately I cannot visit him very often. When we arrived I decided to give him a MER massage session. During the session he said he feels so good and relaxed. Later he said he just want to come more often to Tallinn to visit me and to get more sessions. "What a good feeling, I can really feel a healing!" he said. And as he stood up after 2 hours session he told me he had big problems taking deep breath because of upper back pain before session and now he did not feel the pain anymore! „What a joy“ he said! He is a hobby singer and sings often in senior clubs. After half an hour integrating he sang us 6 songs in a row... with no pain at all! Thank you Nisarga”.